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N. Judge

Brian and Brandon are the best inspectors I have ever come across. They are prompt, thorough, professional, personable and have gone above-and-beyond every time my clients and I have enlisted their services. Other agents have frequently remarked with how impressed they were as well. If you want to know the ins and outs of the property, I highly recommend you use their services.

Pro tip: be present at the inspection and, once they are done, have them walk you through the property to go over what they found. They are full of facts and you will pick up many small tidbits of information.

N. Judge

Happy Customers

I had the pleasure of trying Sentinel Inspection service today on a property in which I am representing buyers on 4038 Guilford Ave in Livermore. As I arrived at our scheduled appointment time of 8:30 am, Sentinel's team was well at work. Digital I pads, inputting data, flashlights and tools in belt, they were like busy bees doing their things around the property with confidence and experience I could tell. Myself and buyers were present at the inspections the whole time. They took about an hour and a halfish to complete the property inspection. When they were done they explained in detail every aspect of the home. They did not "embellish" anything. They stuck to the important bullet points of the homes systems and components and gave us a great summary of the overall inspection in a way that was informative, complete and let the buyers know they were buying a solid home. I will use them again for sure.

Steve Eveleth Real Estate Services

Livermore, CA

Brian and Brandon's home inspections were very thorough and uncovered a lot of problems with the house which at first sight we didn't notice. They went through the attics, crawlspaces, rooms, exterior, and grounds with careful inspection. The report they provided was very detailed with well-angled photographs and in a very readable and understandable format which was excellent. As a prospective buyer, this is exactly what I wanted. Brian was very knowledgeable and very courteous in explaining all of the details and answering all of my questions. For home buyers, I highly recommend Brian and his team!

Kelly K.

Belmont, CA

This was my first experience with a home inspection, and it was a great one. Both Brian and Brandon were very thorough and friendly. They clearly have a lot of experience between the two of them and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing an inspection done (seller or buyer). I wanted to be able to walk through the house with them as they inspected so they could point things out as we went and they were happy to have me do so. They took time to explain why things may have become damaged and what I can do in the future to prevent those things from happening. The report was timely, complete, clear, and thorough with pictures and simple explanations.

Stephen M.

Livermore, CA

Exceptionally Satisfied Customer

Brian and Brandon were as professional as it gets during the entire inspection process. Starting off with getting back to me with a very competitive quote within an hour of sending them a note to responding back to me with any questions/requests about our home inspection.
When Brian and Brandon arrived on time to the property, both were very courteous and got to work right away. The total inspection for the home, roof, chimney, and pests took approximately three hours to complete and it was as thorough of an inspection as our realtor had seen for a home. The walk through after the inspection was very thorough and helpful as well as the team provided some recommendations on how to repair certain items. Within 24 hours, the completed inspection report was emailed complete with photos and a detailed summary of each item. My wife and I highly recommend using Sentinel for your inspection!

Anthony C.

San Jose, CA

We decided to try these guys out during a rather rushed inspection period on a house we were looking to buy. Another reviewer mentioned they do a package deal (roof, termite, and home) for inspections so we were really hoping we could get them since many of the individual inspectors we called weren't available on the days we wanted (Thursday and Friday) and were pricier combined. Brian returned my call later on in the day (around 6pm) and he was able to schedule an inspection for us on a Friday at 2pm for $595 which we thought was a good price. Mind you, we called him on Tuesday so we were happy to get a time this week at all. He also said he can get the reports completed by the weekend, which was critical for us. Around 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled time, Brian and Brandon arrived and went to work right away. Seeing as this was our first inspection, we took the more cautious approach and waited in the house until they were done. They were professional throughout the entire process and were still approachable. When they were done, they went through what they inspected in great detail and we thought they covered everything we needed them to cover. Paying them was super easy and like what Brian said in our initial call, we got all three reports by Sunday mid-afternoon (actually, that was the just the termite inspection report; we got the home and roof report Saturday night) which was just excellent. We read through the reports and were very satisfied compared to the reports we checked out from other inspection services that our agent recommended. Brian and Brandon's reports were easier to read, had more detail, had more pictures, and were overall simpler (but in a good way). We won't hesitate to schedule another inspection with these guys in the future. They got one satisfied customer.

Jen T.

San Leandro, CA

My fiancée and I just got an acceptance for the offer of a house we both loved. Before officially removing the contingencies, we decided to ask professionals to inspect the house first. Having researched on inspection companies on Yelp, we decided to hire Sentinel Inspection Services which has a high review score. The house is kind of far from the Sentinel Inspection Services, so before we called them we were not sure if they were willing to drive this far to inspect the house. Luckily, they accepted our request with no hesitation.

Two inspectors came to the house, Brain and Brandon, both of whom are highly experienced and nice. They carefully checked almost every little thing in and near the house using various special tools. They even checked the stability of the soil and rocks on the mountain slope behind the house, and climbed on the roof of this three-storied house to check the chimney, wear condition and so on. For some important areas, such as roof, drainage, firewall, etc., they also took pictures. After they were done with the inspection, they showed us all the minor and major problems/potential harms one by one and recommended us solutions to resolve these problems. The analysis was thorough which made us understand the house at a whole new level.

After the on-site inspection, they sent us a very professional report (43 pages!) two days after, including detailed statements of the house condition and suggestions on how to improve the house safety and quality. We will definitely recommend our friends to hire Sentinel Inspection Services for their house inspection in the future.

Kaola S.

Redwood City, CA

5 Star Service

These home inspectors were referred by out realtor. The arrived on time. Both Dad and Son did an amazing job inspecting the property. They listed out each and every minor issue which was noted in the property during the inspection. A simple example will be of a fused bulb in a ceiling light which has multiple of them. Even minor caulking was noted. Highly recommend there service.

Atul K.

San Ramon, CA

Brian did a great job on his inspection for a residence we are looking at in September 2013. We were very impressed with his knowledge, care and how he explained the importance of the issues he felt needing to be addressed. We never felt rushed or that he was doing it quickly - it was a job well done. We used his services for another home in October as well - and really appreciated the issues he brought to our attention.

Scott P.

Union City, CA

Purchased a home in Livermore. Brian and his colleague Brandon did such a phenomenal job! Extremely thorough and quite friendly. At the end of inspection, we received such a wonderful and comprehensive summary of items that needed attention. These guys are the absolute BEST. I'd go with them all the time and would recommend to all my friends and clients as an agent. You guys rock!

Cyril C.

Milpitas, CA