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Kelly K.

Brian and Brandon's home inspections were very thorough and uncovered a lot of problems with the house which at first sight we didn't notice. They went through the attics, crawlspaces, rooms, exterior, and grounds with careful inspection. The report they provided was very detailed with well-angled photographs and in a very readable and understandable format which was excellent. As a prospective buyer, this is exactly what I wanted. Brian was very knowledgeable and very courteous in explaining all of the details and answering all of my questions. For home buyers, I highly recommend Brian and his team!

Kelly K.

Belmont, CA

Happy Customers

I had the pleasure of trying Sentinel Inspection service today on a property in which I am representing buyers on 4038 Guilford Ave in Livermore. As I arrived at our scheduled appointment time of 8:30 am, Sentinel’s team was well at work. Digital I pads, inputting data, flashlights and tools in belt, they were like busy bees doing their things around the property with confidence and experience I could tell. Myself and buyers were present at the inspections the whole time. They took about an hour and a halfish to complete the property inspection. When they were done they explained in detail every aspect of the home. They did not "embellish" anything. They stuck to the important bullet points of the homes systems and components and gave us a great summary of the overall inspection in a way that was informative, complete and let the buyers know they were buying a solid home. I will use them again for sure.

Steve Eveleth Real Estate Services

Livermore, CA

Exceptionally Satisfied Customer

I feel horrible that I didn't get to this review sooner, as Brian and Brandon (and crew) did a home inspection for me back in October, but since then I've had the pleasure to work with them AGAIN, and am still THOROUGHLY impressed with their service!!

Back in Oct. I was under contract for a house and had no idea where to turn. My realtor was a snake who only wanted me to work with his guys, who of course charged $250 more, and because I'm on a budget and trust YELP, I turned here for advice.

I found their website and called Brian, and was impressed that he called me back right away, and was able to come out and do the inspection w/only 2 days notice. I was trying to buy a house while on my way out of the country (yeah, bad idea) so I was in a rush, and thankfully my lack of planning was treated with respect and also became their emergency. I was able to get the reports before I left and chose, based on their findings (and my lack of trust in my pushy realtor) to not go through with the deal.

Having never had a home inspection, I didn't know what to expect, but Brian and his son came out, donned protective gear and crawled under and around the house, in every creepy, spidery nook and cranny, took pictures of everything and then proceeded to explain their findings to me in detail. They also answered questions as to what they thought the repairs would involve and whether THEY would buy the house themselves, which I thought was really cool. It was like having a trusted friend with experience come out and look at your house.

When I got the written report, I was blown away again at the thoroughness and the easy read--everything had photos and a detailed explanation and was really created for the lay person like myself.

Fast forward to this month, when I'm again under contract for a second house. I again called Sentinel and they again came with very little notice, and again did a stellar job.

Oh, and did I mention that their services are BUNDLED so that for one price, you get a termite, roof AND home inspection, and Brian coordinates all that for you so you don't have to chase around 3 separate people? Yeah, it's awesome.

I also feel better about 3 specialists doing what they do best, rather than 1 or 2 guys who are *jack of all trades* telling me their impressions of the termite, roof and home situation. You really CANNOT go wrong with Sentinel!!

Danae C.

Oakland, CA